Cardiac Re-hab

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a programme of progressive exercise and health education for people who have recently had a heart attack or heart surgery.

Using various types of activity such as walking, gym-based exercise, exercise classes and Tai Chi we hope to help people return to their daily activities and maybe even become fitter than they were before!

Would you or any other member of your family benefit? If so, please contact Kirsty Cook on or call on 01282 447134.

A Referral Journey

Ian, 55, was referred to Healthy Lifestyles by the Cardiac Rehabilitation team in December 2013, after a heart attack and primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Ian was rushed to Blackpool Victoria Hospital on 15th November 2013 suffering a heart attack and was treated with four stents during an emergency angiogram.

The experience left Ian feeling scared and worried and also very shocked and surprised that it had happened to him.

After a discussion with the team, Ian joined the evening rehabilitation programme which comprised of circuit and gym training and received brief education around risk factor management as part of the activity sessions.

Ian said:

“I feel very good, better than before I had my heart attack. I wanted to get and feel fit again and the rehabilitation programme has really helped.

“I have enjoyed getting active again and I am now circuit training every week, walking the dog and performing exercises at home. I’ve also achieved my goal of playing golf again. I feel positive and am more aware of my wellbeing.”


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