Padiham Leisure Centre Gym

Free weights versus machines?  The choice is yours.

St Peter’s and Padiham Leisure Centres have dedicated free weight areas in their gyms complete with a range of dumbbells, barbells and kettle bells which cater for a wide range of users.

At St Peter’s there is also a Synrgy 360 functional training platform designed to cater for all levels of user from beginner to elite athlete.

Advantages of Free Weights:

Versatility. Free weights can be used for a variety of exercises for the entire body, so you don’t have to move from machine to machine to work different muscle groups.

Functionality. With free weights, you’re able to move the body through natural motions as well as through a variety of planes allowing you to mimic movements you do in real life like squatting, lifting things over your head and rotating the body.

Building whole body strength. Because you’re supporting your own body, you can work on specific muscles while involving smaller stabiliser muscles that can get neglected with machine training.

Whether you choose to work out with free weights or using gym equipment – you can save ££s with Burnley Leisure membership..

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