St Peter's Gym

Let us help you achieve your goals!

Personal training is offered free of charge to Burnley Leisure members.

To help you make the most of your time in the gym, your personal training session is designed to be specific to you. This makes your programme easy to follow and relevant to your individual requirements.

After a discussion with a personal trainer and a health check which will also include your basic fitness tests, we will then build an exercise programme to suit you.

The personal training session will give you all the information you require without overloading the brain, and provide all the help and support you require to reach your personal goals and introduce you to the gym.

Your personal trainer will prescribe exercises of specific duration and intensity, while demonstrating proper technique to keep you safe as well as productive in the gym.

You will be provided with a written programme card to follow which can be updated as you progress with your training.

Book your personal training session now at reception.

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