Run, jog or walk a mile. Challenge yourself to beat your time and set a personal best!

If you are associated to a school (pupil, parent or member of staff) help them to win a prize by entering and submitting your time.

All entries will go into a prize draw and the fastest time in each age category will be awarded a medal!!


Click here to enter

Some safety tips from us…

  • Wear suitable footwear
  • Warm up prior to starting, some gentle light jogging marching and stretching will help
  • If road running – watch out for traffic.
  • Observe social distancing and be considerate of other users
  • Keep Alert
  • Stay Safe

Why not share your photo’s and videos with us on Twitter and Facebook using #BurnleyVirtualMile2020

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It is a simple activity designed to engage as many people as possible, in physical activity, especially young people and their families. All you have to do is run, jog or walk 1 mile and log your details and time.
Being physically active is a great way to feel better about yourself, it has a positive impact on our mental well-being as well as helping to control weight and it helps to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Taking part in the virtual mile will also allow you to set yourself and your family a goal and a personal challenge as you hopefully strive to beat your time. If you are associated to a school you will also help to collect points for your school and the school with the most entries and points will win a fantastic prize. In addition to this, all entries will go into a prize draw.
Go out and run, jog or walk a mile and then simply complete the form here: and enter your details. Once you have entered your details you will get an automated email response thanking you for the information you have entered.
Yes and No. If children, parents or school staff enter, they will collect points for their attached school. However, you do not have to be attached to a school to enter, you can still enter and submit your fastest mile time.
No – if you are not a school pupil, parent or member of staff, you can still enter, simply select ‘none of the above’ from the drop down list on the relevant question.
No, if you complete more than a mile in an activity session – fabulous, just send us your quickest mile from the distance you completed and be proud that you did more than was asked of you!
You can submit a new time but please use the ‘edit response’ function in your confirmation email to do this, that way we do not count a person more than once when compiling a list of entries.
You can edit your time and re-submit a new time. You can do this without having to complete the whole form again by simply clicking on the ‘edit response’ box in your original confirmation email.
Yes, you can use the same email address to enter as many children as you like (e.g. schools that are doing this with their pupils through the Daily Mile).
Once you have completed your mile and synched your device; Strava: Click on the box with an arrow coming out of the top (top right of screen), click on ‘more’ (bottom right of screen), then click copy (bottom of screen), paste this into the google entry form. Garmin: Click on the ‘share’ icon (located next to the camera), click on ‘web link’, click on copy to clipboard. This can now be pasted into the google entry form.
No, you do not have to put a time down if you do not want to, you can simply go for a walk that covers at least a mile and fill out the form stating that you have had a go, you will still collect points for your school. You don’t have to fill out the time section if you do not want.
Whilst we are encouraging residents in Burnley to take part, we are happy to take entries from other local people. However, if they are associated with a school outside of the borough, that school won’t be part of our school’s competition.
Yes, a few days after the closing date we will post the category winners on facebook and twitter and we will notify the schools of their level of entries once they return in September. Winners will also receive an email from the School Sports Partnership so we can arrange the distribution of medals.
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