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Interested in the Arts?

The arts are a hugely popular and varied part of our lives, even though a lot of the time we do not realise it. Nationally three out of four people attend arts or cultural events ranging from plays and concerts to art galleries, museums and festivals. Half the adult population take part in arts or crafts activity, be it playing an instrument, dancing, singing, painting, photography or pottery. As many people play an instrument as play football, and as many people paint as play darts.

Young people are often enthusiastically involved with the arts, even if they would not describe their interest in music, dance, design and style in those terms. As well as offering excitement and personal satisfaction to individuals, the arts can contribute much to community life and to tackling difficult challenges at times of change.

What we do

The Arts Development Team support and deliver a variety of projects. We aim to:

  • Work with the local community
  • Be inspired by the past and always look to the future
  • Support a culture of creativity in Burnley

Current/recent projects include Mechanics at Home, Super Slow Way and Our Park, Our Town, Our Time.

We work hard to bring in funding for projects in Burnley and we also provide fundraising advice to artists and arts organisations, and offer feedback and support with applications pre submission, as well as guidance on project planning, monitoring and evaluation.  We are also available to provide support and advice on sourcing, employing and working with artists.

The Burnley Creative Alliance newsletter is sent out monthly and provides information about arts events, funding, training and job opportunities as well as updates on local projects that you could take part in. Sign up here to receive our newsletter.

For advice and support please contact us and we’ll happily arrange a meeting.

Ways to keep in touch with updates on our current projects and activities:

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  • Follow Burnley Creative on Twitter for up to date Tweets about our projects and activities
  • Join our Burnley Creative Facebook Page

Contact Information

Helen Jones, Cultural Services Manager

Rachel Hawthorn, Arts Engagement Officer

Arts Development
Burnley Leisure
Burnley Mechanics
Manchester Road
BB11 1BH

Tel: 01282 664400

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