As you may be aware, in recent months there have been problems with parking at St Peter’s leisure centre resulting in many of our customers struggling to park when undertaking activities.  In order to rectify this situation we have agreed, along with our partners on the health side, to outsource the car parking to an external provider.

From 12th February 2020 there will be Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras situated at both entrances and exits to the car park.   An initial drop off time of 10 minutes will apply after which charges will come into force.  There will be multiple notices to remind users to register or pay the appropriate fee and three smart pay terminals will be located in the car park to accept payment by card or cash.

The charges will apply 24 hours 7 days a week and are as follows:-

Drop off/pick up – 10 minutes – free of charge
£2 – 2 hours
£3 – 3 hours
£5 – 4 hours
£10 – 12 hours
£15 – 24 hours

In addition to this, there will be regular patrols in the car park to ensure correct usage of the disabled and parent & child parking bays.  Staff already pay for contract parking and will be parking off site.

As currently, all paying users of the leisure centre will be allowed 3 hours free parking on each visit (no return within 1 hour).  This will be recorded by entering a registration number on each visit into one of the screens available at reception for this purpose. 

In the case of booking a facility area, this will mean that the number of cars registered will be relative to the activity booked, eg. Squash booking – max 2 per court; Badminton booking – max 4 per court.

We trust this action will result in a much pleasanter visit to the centre for all our customers.

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